Thursday, May 28, 2009

Note to Self.

As an eCore student who is constantly on the go, it is likely that you aren’t only juggling school, but your family, your work and a number of other responsibilities to boot! I certainly can relate, and if you’re schedule is anything like mine it has probably occurred to you (as it has for me) that you would love to have a personal assistant to help relieve some of that burden.

Well, fortunately for us, there is a cheap service out there (less than $4/month) that’s willing to take on some of that weight. Jott ( describes their service as follows:

“With a simple phone call, Jott Assistant lets you use your voice to capture notes & to-dos, set reminders and appointments, send email and text messages, and post to your favorite web services, all on the go. Our voice-to-text service turns your voice notes, messages, and updates into text and sends them where you want. And with special tools for your desktop, Outlook, iPhone, and Blackberry, you're sure to get more done wherever you are. Jott Assistant works with all phones and all carriers in the US & Canada.”

Unsure if Jott is right for you? Luckily, they’ve a free week trial that allows you the time to figure that out. Know of any other services, short-cuts, etc. that you've found helpful? We'd love to know!

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