Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thinkin' Green - eCore Proctored Exams.

There are definitely some perks associated with Proctored Online eCore Exams - for one, they're Earth Friendly and Economical!

* Proctored online eCore exams reduce costs, energy and resources needed for mailing, faxing, and shredding paper exams
* Reduction of use of paper, pencils, and ink promote improved environmental quality
* eCore proctored online exams save money and landfill space

Keep in mind that your professor requires that you take at least one proctored exam, so don't forget to sign up early! For the 2009 Summer Semester, the Midterm Exams will be held June 8-10 and the Final Exam Period will be held July 23, 24, 27. Failure to take a proctored examination will result in failure for the course, regardless of the average of other grades (check out more details on how to sign up for a proctored exam at the following site:

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