Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Get Physical.

With many hours spent in front of the computer, or behind the wheel of the car, it’s no wonder that many of us students seem to do a lot of ‘sitting around’. Plus, with our hectic schedules, many of us hardly have the time to exercise regularly (if at all).

To battle such tendencies, one particular company has devised an innovative concept to help us maintain a more active lifestyle. The creators of the TreadDesk ( proclaim “if you feel tied to your desk and get tired of sitting in a chair all day, the TreadDesk might be just what you need. This innovative treadmill desk design allows you to stand up and walk without ever leaving your desk!”

AU Asst. Prof., Jeff Vallance tested the idea out for himself. You can read about his experiences at this link: AU Professor Walks While He Works. What do you do to keep active while juggling classes?

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