Monday, December 6, 2010

Hello eCore Students -

We are now within a week of your Final Exams. You have almost completed the
Fall semester, so take a moment and pat yourself on the back!

A reminder about Final exams:
Please be sure you know the final exam plans for your eCore course(s).
To confirm your course's final exam plans, check your classroom Calendar,
Syllabus, or contact your professor.
If your final exam is to be proctored, ensure you have completed testing center
arrangements and the eCore Exam Request Form.

A reminder about eCore-related surveys:
Please remember to take a few minutes to participate in the eCore-related surveys.

1. Student Services Survey:
You only need to complete this survey once, and your input is very important to us.

2. Course Evaluations:
You will need to complete the course evaluation for each course you are taking in eCore.
If you are submitting more than one time, please remember to clear your cache
and cookies.

Good luck!!

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